Our Vision: To be the nationally recognized voice for the public interest, states and territories on aviation and the national aviation system.


NASAO’s committee structure is aligned with the association’s strategic goals:

  1. Investment – Ensure public investment sufficient to provide safe and efficient access to the national aviation system for all Americans.
  2. Technology – Support the efficient use of emerging technologies to improve the national aviation system’s capacity and provide access to more communities across the nation.
  3. Communication – Promote information exchange, emphasizing public awareness, understanding and education regarding the importance of the national aviation system to the health, economic development and quality of life for our communities.

The committees also provide members a forum to address issues such as funding airport improvements and NextGen, land use, security, safety, operations, certification, federal and international affairs, communications and public relations. Each committee is chaired by a NASAO member and is populated with NASAO members or state aviation agency subject experts. To join a committee please fill out the online committee form or print participation form.


In 2006 NASAO signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to coordinate the efforts of the two associations on aviation policy matters. The NASAO/AASHTO Standing Committee on Aviation reviews aviation policy and makes recommendations to both AASHTO’s and NASAO’s Board of Directors. The committee also identifies and reports on federal regulatory mandates of national concern and operates as a forum to exchange information regarding aviation issues.

The committee is made up of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary as well as four members from each AASHTO region (two of which are proposed by NASAO). Members are appointed by the AASHTO President to four-year terms. Reappointment is possible at the discretion of the ASSHTO President.

Chair: Marc Luiken, C.M., Commissioner, Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; Vice Chair: John C. Eagerton, IV, Bureau Chief, Aeronautics Bureau, Alabama Department of Transportation

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The NASAO Air Service Committee reviews and recommends NASAO’s position on air service issues, including the Essential Air Service Program and the Small Community Air Service Development Program, as they impact the states and their citizens.

Chair: Cassandra Isackson, Administrator, Aeronautics Division, Minnesota Department of Transportation

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The NASAO Airspace Committee monitors issues related to enroute and terminal control including navigational aids (navaids) technology, evaluates and develops NASAO’s priorities on critical navigation and approach issues, and works with the FAA and aviation industry to address these issues.

Chair: Ashish Solanki, Director, Office of Regional Aviation Assistance, Maryland Aviation Administration

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The NASAO Block Grant Task Group promotes the voluntary expansion of the state block grant program, works towards increased flexibility in state administration of the program, acts as a forum for resolving common state issues, and serves as a resource to share with existing block grant states and to educate new states entering the state block grant program. The committee works under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Chair: Mike Trout, Director, Office of Aeronautics, Michigan Department of Transportation

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The NASAO Land Use Committee works in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration through a Memorandum of Understanding to establish positive coordination in an effort to prevent land use decisions that may reduce the safe and efficient use of airspace. This collaboration also protects against the encroachment of airports by incompatible land uses across the country. The committee disseminates compatible land use guidance to airports, consultants and planning organizations and acts as a clearing-house for the exchange of best practices from the states.

Chair: Gary Cathey, Division Chief, Division of Aeronautics, California Department of Transportation  

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The NASAO Legislative Affairs Committee is responsible for the drafting and implementing the legislative activities of the organization. Annually, the committee recommends a legislative agenda to the NASAO Executive Committee that represents the needs of the states and the public interest in the national aviation system. Learn more about NASAO’s legislative agenda.

Co-chair:  John C. Eagerton, IV, D.P.A., Bureau Chief, Alabama Department of Transportation Aeronautics Bureau;
Victor N. Bird, Director, Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission

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Through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Aviation Administration the NASAO NextGen Committee determines which NextGen areas they wish to impact and craft an effective process for information dissemination that engages the states in the promotion, facilitation and implementation of the NextGen system.

Chair:  David M. Greene, Bureau of Aeronautics, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

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FAA and NASAO will explore methods of working collaboratively to provide information on current and proposed UAS rules and authorization of UAS operations, enhance infromation sharing and increase awareness of UAS activities within the states.

Chair: James Stephens, Executive Director, South Carolina Aeronautics Commission

UAS Stratigic Direction

Drone Regulation by Local Governments (Alabama Presentation by Dr. John Eagerton)

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Through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Aviation Administration, the NASAO NextGen Committee engages the states to work with their respective general aviation airports to increase wildlife strike reporting and data gathering, and to ultimately implement an effective and uniform wildlife strike reporting and data gathering process for general aviation airports across the U.S.


Whether you are a state aviation official, staff member or a Friend of NASAO, there are opportunities for you to become more involved with NASAO through participation on one of our many Committees. See a complete list of opportunities and let us know where you would like to be involved. More
NASAO is one of the most senior aviation organizations in the United States, predating even the Federal Aviation Administration’s predecessor, the Civil Aeronautics Authority. The states first established NASAO to ensure uniformity of safety measures, to standardize airport regulations and develop a truly national air transportation system responsive to local, state, and regional needs. More
NASAO holds two formal conferences each year – our Annual Convention and Trade Show, typically held in September and a Washington Legislative Conference held in the nation’s Capital during the February/March timeframe. NASAO also has a presence at EAA’s AirVenture, held each year in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in late July. Whether you are looking to attend an interesting, informative and relevant conference or would like to exhibit or sponsor an event, let us know. More
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