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Federal Register notice outlines process, criteria and deadlines for submission of supplemental funding requests

H.R.1645, Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018, which was signed into law on March 23, included a substantial boost in airport grant funding. In addition to the $3.35 billion for the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), the bill provides an additional $1 billion in airport discretionary grants targeted at small and rural airports.

A Federal Register notice outlines the process, criteria and deadlines for submission of supplemental funding requests. The guidance document was published on Monday, July 9. Below are highlights of the notice.

Deadline #1: By August 8, 2018 any airport meeting the criteria for “priority consideration” is invited to notify the FAA’s appropriate Airports District Office (ADO) (or regional office (RO) if there is no ADO) of the airport’s desire to be considered for FY 2018 supplemental discretionary funding as provided in the Act. In submitting such notifications to the FAA, the airport sponsor must include the following information via electronic mail (email):

  • Name and official three-letter identifier of the airport, its location, and NPIAS number;
  • Brief description of the project (no more than 50 words);
  • Brief explanation (no more than 500 words) of how the project meets the evaluation criteria set forth later in this notice;
  • Target timeframe for grant award and construction start5; and
  • Brief description (no more than 250 words) explaining how the airport sponsor is using its available AIP entitlement funds.

After evaluating all requests, the FAA may encourage an airport sponsor to prepare a final grant application if the FAA believes the project may compete well. For projects not selected in FY 2018, the FAA will retain those requests for reconsideration during FY 2019 or FY 2020.

Deadline #2 (for requests for supplemental funding in FY 2019 or 2020): By October 31, 2018, any eligible NPIAS airport is invited to notify the FAA’s appropriate ADO of the airport sponsor’s desire to be considered for supplemental discretionary funding in FY 2019 or FY 2020. The FAA will update the list of airports eligible for “priority consideration” after publishing the next update of the NPIAS Report, which the FAA plans to publish in September 2018.

Based on the funding requests received, the FAA will consider such requests with due consideration of the FAA’s existing responsibility to fully obligate all other available AIP funds by September 30 of each fiscal year, generally for projects previously requested through the ACIP process.

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